Infinito Hotel

Eco Design

Infinito Hotel assumes a genuine responsibility with ambiental environment generating awareness in green tourism. The construction and day by day in the Hotel was thought taking into account the sustainable tourism standards. Therefore, Infinito Hotel received the revalidation of “Directrices de Gestión Ambiental”, affirming commitment to contribute and guarantee environmental, social and cultural equality, comprehensively addressing the task of generating satisfaction in guests.
Our policies and practices are exposed according to the following axes:
⇒ Infrastructure and equipment
Infinito Hotel from the beginning was conceived with responsibility with ambiental environment. Although the main building structure couldn´t be changed, some substantial innovations were done.

    • In terrace, native plants with little irrigation were placed to mitigate CO2 emissions and contribute to lower carbon footprint.
    • Property was modified to allow natural light from outside and the elevator acquired an heritage value.
    • Light in rooms is activated with a key-card and in the hallway are movement sensors.
    • Computers in common areas consume low electricity compared with similar equipment.
    • Impressions are made with ecologic paper but our first policy its share digital information.
    • We don’t use disposable tableware.
    • Wood in the floor and furniture have FCS certificates, which ensure wood does not come from native forests.
    • We don’t use mono command taps. These taps use hot water all time and for some occasion it’s not necessary. Additionally taps have aerators which reduces consumption.
    • At the beginning luminary was designed with a low consumption bulb in every lamp, but now we transition to led technology.

⇒ Natural resources and waste management

    • Regular measurement of water, electricity and natural gas consumption.
    • Policy for reuse sheets and towels.
    • Aerators in showers and taps.
    • Double flush toilets.
    • Irrigation in hours of less evaporation (at night or very early). For gardens we use native plants or with low irrigation.
    • Energy equipment and supplies have maximum efficiency (grade A)
    • It is not allowed to smoke in bedrooms or commons areas.
    • Recycling basket in common areas. We separate trash from bedrooms in material for recycling and non recycling. We don’t produce vegetable oil.
    • Air conditioning equipment policy: 24°C in summer season and 22°C in hibernal season.
    • Big dispensers are used in bathrooms for shampoo and conditioner.
    • For cleaning we use biodegradable products, with low environmental impact and residues.

⇒ Corporate social responsibility

    • Infinito Hotel knows that social responsibility helps build trust, raise awareness, and encourage ecological and social change. For these reason some activities and policies we do are:
    • Reducing carbon footprints
    • Improving labor policies
    • Charitable giving
    • Corporate policies that benefit the environment
    • Socially and environmentally conscious investments
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